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Photo: Robot Statue in Dallas, Texas

The Walking Man The Walking Man

Think Japan and South Korea are the only countries with Giant Robots traipsing through the streets like they own the place (see Gundam, Tetsujin-28, Taekwon V statues)?  Check out The Traveling Man, an 11.5 meter (38 ft), 15,875kg (35,000 lbs), $1.35 million dollar sculpture by artists Brandon Oldernberg and Brad Oldham, with Reel FX Creative Studio.  Commissioned by Dallas Area Rapid Transit for the Deep Ellum Station, it is said to represent historical Deep Ellum’s musical and industrial roots (note the guitar-like shapes and stainless steel material).  To my eyes, Deep Ellum looks like it must be a fun and friendly place.  For his part, The Traveling Man even has his own website, where you can check out some more photos of the build in 2009 as well as concept designs.

Video (Mirror):

[source: Deep Ellum Gateway] via [Reddit]