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Photos: Robot Performers in China

The “Zhuang Sisters” sing folk songs and dance (moving their arms and turning circles) at the Guangxi Expo.  The robot’s lips move for enhanced realism, with the heads and hands made of silicone based on actresses who have played the parts on film.  Those in the audience described them as wonderful and beautiful.  Built by the Beijing Institute of Technology, more than 100 students worked on them over the course of 4 months.  The robots will appear at the Shanghai World Expo next. [source: GX News (CN)]

April 8th, 2010: A realistic robot garners the curiosity of onlookers at a high-tech industrial tradeshow. [source: Xinhua (CN)]

Mayday, a popular Taiwanese alternative rock band, is set to perform for the first time in Beijing to a sold out crowd.  According to promotional posters, the band is pictured in front of the silhouette of a large robot – who is being dubbed the band’s 6th member – who will help out on the tour.  The robot can move and will interact with the band in computer animated sequences shown on huge screens, switching back and forth with events taking place on stage.  Just transporting the “big guy” around took 4 special transport containers – and the band has had to hire a local factory to assemble and debug the robot. [source: Sina (CN)]

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