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• Family Nanny Robot

Built by Shenyang Siasun Robot & Automation Co. Ltd., the Family Nanny Robot can speak, send text messages, and alert the authorities in the case of an emergency.  For example its environmental sensors can detect a gas leak, and if no one is home it will contact the home owner through text or email.  It can operate up to 8 hours after only a 2 hour charge since its power consumption is less than a home computer.  Standing approximately 80cm (31″) tall, and weighing 25kg (55 lbs), the robot can move freely throughout the home on a pair of wheels, autonomously avoiding furniture and other obstacles with sensors.

Siasun will also position it as an elder care robot, which could alleviate loneliness by chatting with the elderly and allow two-way telemedicine check-ups through its large display and camera.  Additionally the robot could play interactive games to exercise and test mental fitness.  In about 5 years, people will be able to purchase the Family Nanny Robot for approximately 10,000 Chinese Yuan ($1,500 USD), and Siasun says it is also developing rescue robots in its R&D department that could be deployed in the event of an earthquake or mining accident.

[source: Xinhua (CN)]