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Video Overview of DFKI’s Robotics

Last week we took a look at DFKI’s AILA, a box sorting humanoid robot.  Now let’s take a deeper look at their projects with this nice 10 minute video detailing what DFKI’s work is all about.  The video contains footage of a number of their robots and computer animations (including Mr. SemProM – an earlier, more robotic design for AILA), with some of the stand outs being:

  • Aramies, a space exploration quadruped (pictured above)
  • CG simulation of an octopus-like underwater robot
  • uAUV (the world’s smallest AUV)
  • MEHEN, an underwater snake robot
  • CESAR, a crater exploration robot
  • Scorpion, an 8-legged space exploration robot
  • Bin-Hur, a reflexive Kondo KHR-1

Video (Mirror):

You could occupy yourself for hours just looking at all of their projects!

[source: DFKI (DE)]

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