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KIST’s Humanoid Robots Dance, Copy Movements

We’ve covered this before, but now IEEE Spectrum’s Erico Guizzo has uploaded some very nice videos up of KIST’s humanoid robot Mahru shaking its booty, and the real-time whole body teleoperation of Mahru III (one of my favorite humanoid robot designs).  If there ever comes a day when I’m not interested in seeing humanoid robots dance or follow our movements like real-life avatars, shoot me.

Mahru III teleoperation (Mirror):

Mahru whole body motion capture:

Mahru performing captured dance moves (Mirror):

You can see an uncovered Mahru-M (a wheeled version of Mahru) in the background.  An explanation of how all of this  dancing is done can be found in Erico Guizzo’s article at the source link.

[source: IEEE Spectrum] & [IEEE Spectrum @ YouTube]

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