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• JoiTech Humanoid

The University of Osaka and the Osaka Institute of Technology have developed a new full-sized humanoid robot which is being shown for the first time at RoboCup Japan Open 2010.  Competing under the banner of JoiTech, the robot has 22 degrees of freedom using Vstone’s V-SERVO (torque: 327kg/cm) and fits into the Adult Size Class (130cm – 160cm).  It will compete against The Orient’s (Toyo University) humanoid (seen in background above).

Video (Mirror):

The University of Osaka is also teamed with JST Erato Asada Project (JEAP) which competes in the Kid Size Class (30cm – 60cm), one of 9 teams to participate at the competition.  Once again CIT Brains is the default winner in the Teen Size Class (60cm – 120cm) since no other team is competing in that category.

[source: Robonable (JP)]

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