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3rd Spanish Bipedal Robot Competition Held

In only a few short years Bipedolandia, a hobby robot organization in Spain, has cobbled together Spanish translations and help for assembling and programming many of the hobby bipedal robot kits.  Recently they held their third robot competition at UNED in Madrid where 13 robots competed including Bioloid, Robonova, Kondo, Robovie, Robobuilder, etc..  Some of the events included the ever popular 1-on-1 battle as well as dragging weights to see which robot was the strongest, like some of the Japanese tournaments.  You can check out much more footage from the event at Bipedolandia and Criadobot’s YouTube channels.  With more and more organizations like this forming around the world, the hobby robot market will hopefully continue to grow and improve!

Video (Mirror):

Thanks Luis!