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Photo: Toyota’s Violin-Playing Robot at Shanghai World Expo 2010

The Shanghai World Expo 2010 got underway this Saturday (May 1st), and already huge crowds are packing the various venues.  While the expo’s mascot Hai Bao is busy rolling around, Toyota’s Violin-playing Robot is one of 30 robots (including NEC’s PaPeRo and Toshiba’s ApriPoco) at the Japanese pavilion’s “Future” exhibition area.  It entertained audiences with its rendition of a familiar melody based on a Chinese folk song called “Jasmine”.  The Japanese pavilion is described as a silk worm-like cocoon, featuring a curved dome with three towers and three breathing holes which is made of a semi-transparent membrane-like structure that is ultra-light and contains some strips of solar panels.  A fine mist sprays from time to time to cool off visitors on hot days. A few more photos follow after the break.

[source: YZ News (CN)] & [Daylife]