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• Archie

ARCHIE-headerThe University of Manitoba, Canada, and The Vienna University of Technology, Austria, is showing off the product of 4 years of research into robotics, nicknamed “Archie”, which appears to be a cry for help.

It would be too easy for me to sit back and berate this ugly monstrosity for what it is.  The fact is, this robot was probably built on a budget that is less than what I spend at Starbucks in a year, and I don’t drink coffee.  The lack of proper funding for robotics is a rampant  scourge throughout the Western hemisphere, so we shouldn’t be surprised that our colleagues in Asia make all the cool looking robots, while we’re left to decapitate dolls for spare parts.  Although in hindsight, I think even a cardboard box with a smiley face drawn on it might have been a better choice for a head…   (click the image for a bigger version, if you dare).  Did they think this would be funny?  Because it’s not.  It’s just sad.  They should be embarrassed.

Hopefully, with the recent announcement of HUBO 2 being brought to America thanks to generous NSF funding, we’ll see less of these terrible robots in the future.  Pathetic videos after the break.

[Reuters] via [Dvice] via [Botjunkie]

Further reading: Vienna University of Technology (GER), Robots @ Home (project website EN/GER)



Video (Mirror):

[source: Ahmadexp’s Youtube Channel]

  • Alilya

    Oh dear god……

  • ………

    il et moche ton robot srx tu pu du cul !
    t’es un gros boufon du robotisme .

  • 300 hundred computers and the money for the robot was spend on alcohol, two assholes there… watch my website buy a robot and make one improvement you will look less stupid.