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Historical Recreation with Kokoro’s Actroids

Heijō Palace is one of several UNESCO World Heritage sites in Nara Prefecture, which is celebrating the capital’s 1300th anniversary with special events from April 24th – November 7th 2010.  The Heijō Historical Museum is displaying a full-scale replica of a Japanese diplomatic ship built for envoys to China, presented by one of Kokoro’s Actroids simply called a “Tenpyō Beauty” because she is dressed in Tenpyō (729-749) regalia.  Kids stare with some curiosity at the Actroid, which stands 165cm (5’4″) tall and blinks realistically, its mouth moving as it recounts historical facts about the ship and time period next to a video screen.  Of course, she always gets her lines right and never needs to take a smoke break, so she’s perfect for the job.

[source: Sankei News (JP)] & [Nara 1300th Anniversary site (EN)]

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