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• CALLO & CALLY – The Cellphone Robots

CALLO and CALLY are a pair of cellphone robots built out of spare Bioloid parts and a Nokia N82 phone, developed by PhD student Ji-Dong Yim and Prof Chris D. Shaw at the School of Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser University, Canada.  The robots display emoticon-style facial expressions and can perform various gestures, such as dancing, when a call is coming.  The cellphone’s camera uses OpenCV to detect human faces, which also allows the robot to mimic arm gestures through hand tracking.  The researchers are hoping to strengthen consumer-product bonds through the addition of natural social interactions.  Nokia Research helped fund the project after a successful proposal back in 2008.  Recently the robot was presented at CHI 2009 and HRI 2009, and was just featured on the Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet.

Video (incoming calls) (Mirror):

A few more (cute) videos follow after the break.

[source: CALLY: The Robot Cell Phone (official site)]

Video (gesture messaging) (Mirror):

Video (hand tracking) (Mirror):