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• Aurora Kids

The Taiwan-based Aurora Group, which specializes in office equipment, has their own pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo where they are chiefly showing some beautiful jade treasures, including 3D holographic versions.  The chairman of Aurora Group loves them so much he has even set up a gallery and research center at Peking University specifically dedicated to the collection and research of Chinese artifacts.

Surprisingly, at the end of the tour guests meet with a trio of robots called the Aurora Boys, which are meant to reflect the future of the high technology sector.  The robots look similar to Fujitsu’s ENON or Hanool Robotics’ TIRO, and speak, sing, and “dance” to entertain visitors (although one report notes the robots’ stiff and awkward movements).  The tallest of the Aurora Kids stands around 100cm (3’3″) tall, and they appear to have a sliding chest cover which reveals an interactive touchscreen.  A video and a few more photos follow after the break.

[source: (CN)] & [Eastday (CN)]


(another video can be seen here)


Image credit:
ChinaTaiwan | Eastday