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Video: FrostyDesign’s Robot Back Flip

Robots capable of acrobatic feats keep cropping up!  It’s not unusual to see hobby robots do cartwheels, and we’ve even seen a couple of horizontal bar gymnast robots (see Hinamitetu’s bot and Super Mechano Boy).  Still, it comes as something of a surprise to see a bipedal robot that can perform a back flip – and it sticks the landing, too!  Better yet you can see it captured at 300 frames per second to scrutinize every glorious moment.

Video (Mirror):

Video (Watch it again in slow-motion) (Mirror):

The robot seen here was built by a Japanese hobbyist that goes by FrostyDesign.  You can watch more videos of the same robot jumping 8cm into the air as well as running on their blog (JP).

[source: FrostyDesign @ YouTube]