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Anybots Official Unveils QB Telepresence Robot

Remember Anybots’ thin telepresence robot QB, which we looked at during its testing phase back in November of last year?  Anybots officially unveiled it earlier this week, and its prediction of a $15,000 USD price point was accurate.  The robot will be available this fall, allowing remote workers to virtually jack in via a Firefox plug-in.  Unlike conventional teleconference systems, which are pretty dull compared to robots roaming the office, remote users can drive the robot around to continue the conversation virtually anywhere.  It cruises at 3.5mph (roughly in step with a normal walking pace) and can operate for up to 8 hours per charge.  It’s also light (35 lbs) so it can be picked up and moved if the need arises.

Video (Mirror):

[Source: Anybots’ QB Press Release] via [IEEE Spectrum]

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