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Pioneer & iXs Research have co-developed this crab-shaped NaviRobo (Navigation Robot) that sits on the dashboard of your car and directs you with arm signals when it is time to turn left or right.  The system could be used to replace the auditory signaling of traditional GPS systems, which could then be used by the elderly and hearing impaired.  The robot’s LED eyes light up, and it signals the driver with varying intensity at set intervals (approaching 700m, 300m, 100m, and 20m).  The robot is expected to cost about 10,000 JPY ($100 USD), but iXs and Pioneer are planning on refining it over the next 2 to 3 years.

Video (Mirror):

Pioneer previously developed a penguin-shaped robot called the Driving Partner Robot back in 2006.  A couple of photos and another video follow after the break.

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Video (Mirror):