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iRobiQ Now Available in North America

RobotShop is now selling Yujin Robot’s household edutainment robot iRobiQ, which will set you back $4600 USD.  The iRobiQ is the 4th generation household robot developed by Yujin Robot, after previously developing the Pegasus, iRobi, and Jupiter.

The robot is equipped with a 1.3 Mega Pixel camera and 40GB hard drive, allowing it to take photos and send them via email or record video messages to be displayed later.  It can also remind you of important dates and events through its scheduling function.  It responds to up to 200 words or commands (English or Korean) with a recognition rate of 80-90%, as well as physical contact via 6 touch sensors in its body.  The robot will operate for around 3 hours and takes 3 hours to fully recharge.

The iRobiQ contains a variety of edutainment applications, including reading 70 stories (Korean folk tales and world classics); sing along (30 English songs); and language exercises.  Various games as well as a karaoke function is included (though it is unclear if you will be able to input your own music library).  It can also be used to program Yujin Robot’s iClebo vacuum cleaner robot.  You can check out its various specs and functions at the iRobiBiz site (see links below).


Now if only NEC would get off its duff and market PaPeRo…

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