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Mini Surrogates Available From “Little Island”

Little Island, a small Japanese company made up of three employees, has been getting more and more exposure for their fledgling clone robot business.  Their robotic dolls, made to look like celebrities and politicians, have appeared on tv shows and in the news around the world.

Video (Graham Norton Show on BBC) (Mirror):

It takes about 3 months from your order for the robot to be manufactured in your likeness and delivered.  One of their robot dolls, made to look like former Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso, greets visitors at the entrance of their company headquarters.  Sensors detect when people are nearby and it waves its hands and says “hello”.

Now the company is taking orders through its website. Your robot will stand 70cm tall, weigh 2.2kg, and cost 198,000 JPY ($2,200 USD).

[source: Little Island (JP)] via [Yahoo! News Japan (JP)]

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