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BERTI (Bristol Elumotion Robotic Torso 1, or RT-1), is a humanoid upper torso robot designed and built in the UK by Elumotion, a company started in 2002.  Programmed by researchers at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory, BERTI was unveiled to the public at the London Science Museum in February 2009, where it played a game of rock-paper-scissors with visitors.  Rather than using visual information, the robot relied on data from a sensor glove worn by its human opponent to determine the game’s outcome.  Originally built to perform conversational gestures in human-robot interaction, other applications such as telepresence, teleoperation, haptic technology, and prostheses are also being explored.  The RT-1 cost approximately £200,000 ($288,800 USD) in parts and technology.

Elumotion is currently gearing up to unveil the RT-2, which will make use of 2nd generation hands and arms.  The compact ELU2-HAND, for example, has 9 degrees of freedom and is capable of grasping a variety of objects.  When connected to the compliant RT2-ARM (roughly the same size as an adult human arm with 7 degrees of freedom) the robot is capable of interacting safely and smoothly with people.  BERT2 has been given an expressive face with animated eyebrows, eyes, and lips, and the team at BRL are working on giving it artificial skin.

Video (BERT2 facial expressions):

Some photos and video follow after the break.

[source: Elumotion] & [Bristol Robotics Lab]


Video (RT-1) (Mirror):

Video (ELU2-HAND grasping wine glass) (Mirror):

Video (RT2-ARM) (Mirror):


Image Credits:
Gaetan Lee | Bristol Robotics Lab | Elumotion

  • Terry O’Sullivan

    Very awesome creation by Elumotion Programmers. I never thought that their creation can act like humans. In the past years, most robot creations are from Japan. And now their are a lot of countries making an robot.

    I see in online market that some company are already selling robots. Robots that are programmed to do household things. I hope I can have one too.

    Terry O’Sullivan
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  • Ardent Smith

    If the technology increases at this pace, a day will come when teacher robots will come and they will teach students with some great sci-fi techniques.

    But I’m really amazed to see robot holding the wine glass with such perfection, coz a wine glass is so thin that if holded tightly will break into pieces. And a robo holding it with steel body is amazing.

    Ardent Smith
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  • When this robot can be designed for holding the wine glass, more robots could be on the way to perform more tasks that would really be of great help to humans.

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  • Wow! I can’t believe that the robot can hold the wine glass, and what was really cool is that his index finger is able to sense the different need for pressure compared to the pinky.

    I just wish we could see more robots being used in the world relating to interaction with humans. The only real use of robots I ever hear about is by large car manufacturers :(

    Very cool videos!