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Mechanical Matrimony Mix Up

Tomohiro Shibata and Satoko Inoue’s robot wedding in May made headlines around the world.  Now a Chicago couple are steaming mad, claiming their own robot wedding was the world’s first, and they’ve got the videos to prove it.  Ben Stone teaches art at the University of Illinois, and built the 8′ tall Nuptron 4000 specifically to officiate his wedding.

Sure, the Nuptron 4000 may not be as sophisticated as the I-FAIRY, but then the I-FAIRY isn’t exactly groundbreaking tech either.  Say what you will, but in the spirit of fairness I think Ben and Amy Stone’s robot wedding is probably the first – unless there are others out there that we don’t know about!

[Married By Robot] via [NBC Chicago] via [Singularity Hub]

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