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RoboErectus Jr. Gets Awesome Redesign

Singapore is hosting RoboCup 2010 in just 9 days, and the home team is showing off a newly revamped RoboErectus Jr. courtesy of the  Advanced Robotics & Intelligent Control Centre (ARICC) at Singapore Polytechnic.  The stylish new look compliments the redesigned bot’s fancy new moves, as you can see in the following clips.

Video (Static Kick, 8 sec) (Mirror):

Video (Throw-in, 23 sec) (Mirror):

Video (Jump, 9 sec) (Mirror):

Video (Dance or dribble? 10 sec) (Mirror):

Video (Turn, Wave and Bow, 21 sec) (Mirror):

The extended wrists, similar to those seen on former champion Team Osaka’s robots, will help in picking up the ball and getting up from the floor.  I’m really digging the new head shape, too.

Team member Kuriakin Zeng, a School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (SEEE) graduate let on that they did extensive research to prepare for the competition.

He said, “We read up a lot to find out why some robots used in previous RoboCup competitions were designed in a certain way, analysing their strengths and weaknesses. The real challenge came in developing our own style while trying to incorporate more of their strengths.”

Kuriakin said, “Over the years, our robots have become more advanced as we have tweaked them further. Compared to the ones we used last year, the ones participating in RoboCup 2010 are very different.”

“I love robots. So being able to build my own robot and compete with other enthusiasts, even learn from them at a global event, is a dream come true,” added Kuriakin, who will be going to Harvard University to further his studies.

[source: Ariccrobocup @ YouTube] & [SP News]