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Mung; The Robotic Blob with Noble Ambitions

This is without a doubt one of the most bizarre robots I’ve come across.  Students at KAIST and Yonsei University in South Korea have created a robot called Mung that they hope will instill the spirit of sportsmanship in players at the World Cup 2010. Mung was originally conceived as a “language purification” robot, which would change color upon detecting profanities in elementary schools and at home – similar to the idea of a “swear jar” only without the monetary penalty.  It was also used to promote the clean and safe use of nuclear energy.


The new (and more active) version is featured in the following video, which changes color when a player commits a foul or is injured.  The new prototype looks like a beefed up, but less energetic, version of Keepon.


[source: KAIST (KR)] via [HelloDD (KR)] & [Chosun (KR)]


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