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Cute video of AIBO 311

Here’s a brief video of SONY’s ill-fated AIBO 311, also known as Latte/Macaron.  Besides being cute, it contains an overview of some of its features.  Amazingly, YouTuber Tioguerra got the robot for free when it was found collecting dust by a friend.   I wish I had that sort of luck!

We have just adopted a robot pet. The head teacher of one of the schools where my wife teaches had this AIBO gathering dust for years. She was tidying up her house and decided to let go of this toy. Before throwing away she remembered I was into robotics, so she asked if I would want it. Believe it or not, she was even apologizing for giving this because the batteries were not lasting much anymore and because it was dirty!

Video (Mirror):

[source: Tioguerra @ YouTube]

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