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Vstone Updates Site with M3-Neony & M3-Synchy

What with last week’s presentation of two new cognitive development robots M3-Kindy and Noby, Vstone chose to update their site with information on the previously unveiled baby robot M3-Neony and the communication robot M3-Synchy. The company is now taking orders for the two robots, which are being made to order.

M3-Neony was built specifically for research into cognitive development, in particular motor control and interaction.  It has 90 tactile sensors covering its entire body (2 legs x18, 2 arms x11, body x17, head x15), as well as two 300,000 pixel cameras and two microphones for sensing its environment.  It has 22 degrees of freedom (2 legs x7, 2 arms x3, neck x2), actuated by Vstone’s powerful VS-SV410 servo motors, capable of a maximum torque of 41kg/cm and speeds of 60 degrees in 0.16 seconds.  It measures 50.5cm (20″) tall and weighs 3.5kg (7.7 lbs).  It has a small x86 PC built in (512 MB) along with a sub-CPU specifically for motion data.

M3-Synchy is a communication robot, built to research verbal and non-verbal communication (gaze behavior in particular).  It has 16 degrees of freedom (2 arms x3, chest x2, head x6), with special attention paid to moving the eyes and mouth, and 15 LEDs in its face light up to create a blush response.  It has a single 30 MegaPixel camera in its forehead, 2 mics for listening, and a mono speaker for speech.  Designed to operate in a familiar environment such as on an office desk, the robot measures 30cm (11″) tall and weighs 2.3kg (5 lbs).

Some new photos of the bots are tucked under the break.

[source: Vstone (M3-Neony, M3-Synchy) (JP)]


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