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Robot Health Care with Robovie-mR2

ATR’s Intelligent Robotics & Communications Laboratory is exploring new uses for the robovie-mR2, the itsy-bitsy version of their communication/guide robot Robovie-R2.  As part of their networked robots project the robovie-mR2 would be installed in stores, providing product suggestions tailored to you, or in the home to remind your granny when to take her medication.  It could, for instance, give you healthy recommendations when making a grocery list based on your health care record to remind you of doctor’s orders.  “That product has high cholesterol, and you need to avoid fatty foods!” the robot might say, and because of its cute appearance and gestures, you may be more inclined to take the advice.

The robot would connect to a network accessible via mobile phone, with the consent of the user.  Privacy concerns will of course be examined.  Last year at CEATEC 2009, KDDI and Flower Robotics demonstrated a similar idea with the spherical Polaris robot and mobile phone combination.  The conceptual device would allow users to maintain a lifelog of daily activities such as exercise and what they ate.  Rudimentary versions of this technology are already available, so the idea doesn’t seem so far-fetched, but more research is required.

[source: Robonable (JP)]

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