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• Nesbot

Our friends over at Hizook have spotted a service robot that, like Snackbot, knows how to worm its way into our fleshy human hearts (or should I say stomachs?).  Bluebotics, a spin-off of the Autonomous Systems Lab, EPFL, has built an autonomous coffee maker robot called the Nesbot.

Commissioned by Nestlé Nespresso, the robot takes orders through a simple GUI via web browser or the pocket PC mounted directly on it.  You tell it the time and place, and it will move there using ANT, Bluebotics’ proprietary navigation system, and begin brewing your cuppa joe automatically.  Different coffee blend “capsules”, as well as the management of cups and trays is completely automated.  Of course it could be used to deliver a variety of confections and beverages, including Nestlé chocolate bars.  I don’t know about you, but this is one plastic pal I wouldn’t mind having around.

Video (Mirror):

[source: Bluebotics] via [Hizook]

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