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Congrats to Team NimbRo! Best Overall Humanoid

Congratulations to the University of Bonn’s Team NimbRo, who won “Best Humanoid” at RoboCup 2010 in Singapore last week.  Led by Prof. Sven Behnke, NimbRo repeated their success from 2009 in the Humanoid Teen Size League against CIT Brains’ best efforts 10:0.  This was the first year for an actual soccer match (not just penalty kicks and technical challenges) in that size category.  Meanwhile, their robot Dynamaid came in 2nd place overall in the @Home competition, where it went to a fridge and grabbed a cold beer, closed the fridge door, and delivered the canned drink – the one task many of us want in our future friends.

Video (Dynamaid) (Mirror):

Dynamaid was later put to the test in an actual toy store for a truly unknown environment.  However, Team Er@sers won out in the @Home category.