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Darmstadt Dribblers vs. FUmanoids in Epic Rematch

Germany dominated the Humanoid KidSize League once again at RoboCup 2010 in Singapore.  Berlin’s FUmanoids met the Darmstadt Dribblers in the climactic finals.  No doubt the FUmanoids were eager for a rematch after they lost in the finals to the Dribblers in 2009, but the Dribblers successfully defended their championship with a crushing 7:1 victory.

Video (Dribblers vs FUmanoids) (Mirror):

The FUmanoids didn’t go home empty-handed though, as they took home trophies for the Technical Challenges:

BotSportTV has a great selection of videos of the various matches in this size category, so swing by to check out the matches!  You can also follow the Darmstadt Dribblers and FUmanoids on Twitter.