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• Toyota Partner Robot ver.2 Rolling Type (Trumpet)

PR02-headersmToyota’s Partner Robot program calls for robots that can perform manufacturing tasks as well as assist humans in everyday life. To that end, they developed the “Rolling Type” Partner Robot that can move more quickly than its bipedal “Walking Type”.

This is the original model of the “Rolling Type” robot, which has a slightly different appearance than later models which were shown at the Aichi Expo of 2005. However, its trademark trumpeting skills were already adequate in this early version, which stands 100cm (3’2″) tall, weighs 35kg (77 lbs), and appears to maintain balance on one axle similar to the Segway. This balancing technology would later be implemented in Toyota’s personal mobility devices such as the i-real and the Winglet.



Image credits:
Response | Impress Robot Watch

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