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Future Robot, a South Korean robotics company not to be confused with the original Japanese fuRo, has unveiled a restaurant service robot called FURO (Future Robot).  Although the company claims that FURO is capable of expressing “attractive” human emotions, there is something clearly uncanny about the disjointed design, which gives the unsettling impression that a woman’s head has been transplanted onto a robot’s body.  It has a variety of sensors which are used to detect when a person approaches and for obstacle avoidance.

Designed primarily for taking orders with a smile, it comes with a large adjustable touchscreen, which allows customers to choose from the restaurant’s menu, and payment can be handled on the spot by swiping your credit card.  If too many people try to order at once, the robot gets visibly flustered and shakes its head.  Other possible applications include guiding people in shopping malls and air ports.

It can also perform a laughably bad dance routine, as you’ll see in the videos that follow after the break.

[Future Robot (KR)] via [Daum (KR)]


Video (Mirror):

Video (Mirror):

Video (also featured is a clip of CIROMI):


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