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1:1 Scale Evangelion Bust Under Construction

Fuji-Q Highland, an amusement park located near Mt. Fuji, is constructing the 1:1 scale bust of a mecha from the popular Neon Genesis Evangelion anime.  Mycom Journal has a number of photos from the project, which include early prototype dioramas and models, to the ongoing assembly work which should wrap in time for the July 23rd opening date.  I’ve included a sample of the most interesting images here.  It should be noted that the these are mostly from the trial fitting stage, so any imperfections in how the pieces come together have yet to be rectified, and final finishing is still to come.  The exhibit will also feature a life-size statue of one of the mecha pilots with whom fans cans have their photo taken.  Looks pretty cool!  Too bad they couldn’t build the whole thing…


[source: Mycom Journal (JP)]

  • alex

    They should make a life size Asuka like the Kokoro’s DER robots