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Pal Robotics’ Humanoid Robot Contests!

Pal Robotics, the developers of the REEM-A and REEM-B humanoids, are holding a couple of contests that wrap up on October 1st 2010.

The first contest asks you to come up with an original and feasible killer app idea for their latest, more commercially-oriented REEM-H. Entry titles must be no more than 100 characters and the summary should be no more than 1000 characters. A prize of $500 USD will be awarded to the winner! See contest details here.

The second contest asks you to design the look of REEM-C, which will be the follow-up to REEM-B. The design can be anything from a pencil sketch through to a complex 3d rendering. They suggest you try to make it reasonably realistic, and to try to make it look friendly and not toy-like. Three prizes will be awarded, with the first place winner receiving $1200 USD! See contest details here.

So what do you think?  Do you have an idea for a commercial robot that hasn’t been explored?  And have you studied the look of the humanoid robots on this site and elsewhere and think you can do better?  Get to work, and be sure to apply before the October 1st deadline.

[source: Life In The Robotics Lab] via [GetRobo (JP)]

  • alex

    first contest: killer app. So lets think about it: the robot has no intelligence, it’s head looks scary and unfriendly, it has the functionality of a electro wheelchair with an LCD and 2 arms, it’s arms are simple so he can do only extremely simple tasks. I think the robot is quite useless so I can’t imagine there is a killer app for it. This robot is for example much much better:

    second contest: Maybe I try this one and try make a design, who knows …