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HRP-2 Promet Tackles Uneven Terrain

GetRobo has posted a short video of AIST’s HRP-2 Promet tackling some uneven terrain.  It may not look like much of a difference, but even these minor changes in height would be enough to trip up many bipedal robots of this size.  As it swings around to head back it has to walk on tightly-packed pebbles, which shift around slightly for a different kind of uneven terrain.  AIST has previously demonstrated that their robots are able to walk on flat smooth slippery surfaces, however it will likely be some time before they’re as capable as Boston Dynamics’ BigDog.  If Boston Dynamics can achieve similar results with their bipedal PETMAN, AIST may have to go back to the drawing board.

Video (Mirror):

Read the full at details GetRobo’s English article below.

[source: GetRobo (EN)] via [GetRobo @ YouTube]