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Robots Control Robot Wheelchairs At ROBOTECH

A selection of the sights and sounds of ROBOTECH 2010 (Next-Generation Robotics and Manufacturing Technology expo), which started on Wednesday and wraps up today at Tokyo Big Sight.

Video (Mirror):

via [ロボットのいる生活 (JP)]

AIST is demonstrating a wheelchair with a robotic arm (RAPUDO) that can be operated by people with upper limb disabilities, as well as their personal mobility platform that has shock absorption, and obstacle detection and avoidance built in.  It can also autonomously follow along with people.

Japanese science blogger K. Moriyama has a firsthand report.  Osaka University was showing off its Robovie-R2 and R3 communication robots, and Vstone demonstrated a new product in their inexpensive “Beauto” line of kits, called the Beauto Rover ($72 USD, programmable in C).  The Saitama Human-Robot Interaction Center teamed up with the Maru family for this wonderful photo op of the home-built Great King Kizer controlling a robot wheelchair via its joystick:

Hit the source link to watch it and other hobby robots duke it out over at Moriyama-san’s article.

[source: NODE (JP)]

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