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Namco’s Lost Robots from the ’80s

Sandayuu, Atoma, and Largo

Check out these robots made by Namco in 1980 (the same year they took arcades by storm with Pac-Man).  I have few details, but they used to be fixtures at the Japanese Science Foundation Museum, and appeared at special events (including a “robot circus”) where you could buy little souvenirs of them like keychains and stuff.

You could get your card stamped by Largo the “Stamp Robot” by pressing his big red button nose (though one commenter on a Japanese blog jokingly notes it would be faster to just do it yourself).  Apparently it can still be located at the Yamaguchi Museum.

Namco’s website has Atoma “The Atomic Robot” (which spoke greetings to visitors) listed in its 50 year history pages.  I guess the idea was to bedazzle kids with a vision of the future.  Hey, if it gets them interested in science then a little sleight of hand is ok, right?

Cosmo Hoshimaru was made specifically for the Tsukuba Expo (1985).

A fairly non-descript feminine receptionist robot.

And here’s a toy based on their arcade game Mappy (about 10cm).  Actually, a real maze-solving robot was made that looks a lot like this.

Speaking of maze-solving robots and Pac-Man, who could forget this lovable mash-up with micromouse to celebrate their 25th anniversaries together (video by

Some more photos follow after the break.

[source: Milkyway-Vega (JP)]