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CIT Brains’ RoboCup TeenSize Videos

CIT Brains has uploaded some videos they took of their participation at this year’s RoboCup, if you’re interested in that sort of thing.  In the TeenSize League, they took 1st place in the Technical Challenges, and 2nd place on the 2-on-2 dribble and kick.  They came in 3rd place in the KidSize League’s technical challenge as well as the 3-on-3 soccer match.  Not a bad showing by any means.  I particularly like the look of their TeenSize robot.  Three more videos follow after the break.

Video (Dribbling challenge) (Mirror):

[source: Hayashibara Lab (JP)] & [YasuoHayashibara @ YouTube]

Video (Throw-in challenge) (Mirror):

Video (Match vs. Team NimbRo part 1) (Mirror):

Video (Matchvs. Team NimbRo part 2) (Mirror):

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