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Hobby Robots Get All Dolled Up

Besides turning dolls into robots, hobbyists can add their own personal touch to the standard kits by making costumes for them.  Here are a few videos that have popped up on YouTube recently.  The first is a pair of robots (Mikan and Chacha) that appear at many Japanese robot events, where they dance to original songs sold by the creator.

Video (daidaros3 & homepage) (Mirror):

ROBOBASE, a Japanese store that sells hobby kits and teaches robotics classes for kids, has a mascot called Base-kun.  In the following video, you can watch the robot (head designed by Tomotaka Takahashi) perform Kyōgen (which is somewhat similar to Noh, but comical in nature).  The robot action begins at 4m15s.

Video (Mychubu & ROBOBASE website) (Mirror):

And here’s an excellent costume for a mascot robot.  There’s a bunch more of this cutey at Nozuem’s YouTube channel.

Video (Nozuem) (Mirror):