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General Robotix Gears Up To Begin Selling HRP-2m Next

General Robotix will begin selling the HRP-2m Next (aka Choromet2) this September for 1,000,000 JPY (approx. $11,600 USD).  The robot is the next evolution in their line of small humanoid robots after the HRP-2m Choromet which was commercialized in 2006.  Choromet2 is larger than the original (53cm [20″] compared to 37cm [14″]) and weighs more (5.8kg [12.7 lbs] compared to 1.5kg [3.3 lbs]).  Its standard structure has 22 joints (2 more than the previous version) powered by the GRX-SSM servo motor, which has much more torque, which increases the robot’s overall stability.  The robot uses an embedded “LEPRACAUN-CPU” and is fully compatible with AIST’s OpenHRP3 simulation environment.

The Choromet2 serves as the basis for the robotic rehab coach called Taizo, which will also be sold.  In all General Robotix expects to ship around 20~30 units.  Given the robot’s size and capabilities $11,600 doesn’t seem like such a bad price.

[source: Choromet2 @ General Robotix (JP)] via [Robonable (JP)]

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