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SILO4-headerCSIC’s SILO4, developed circa 1999 and tested through to 2003, is a quadrupedal walking robot.  Originally designed for R&D and education in gait generation, the robot was used primarily by institutions in Spain and France.  The central housing unit is a 31x30x30cm aluminum cube which houses all of the internal electronics, and weighs 18kg.  The legs are based on an insect-type configuration, which allows it to easily change direction.  The robot’s motion was tested using the Yobotics simulation software.

The SILO4 would be replaced by the SILO6, which is a hexapod type robot.

・CSIC SILO4 site (EN)



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  • systmh

    Cool robot

    Extra special bonus: nostalgic Earthbound music

    I like very much