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Tachi Lab’s Telesar Telepresence Robots

Here’s an English video presentation of Tachi Lab’s tele-existence robot, the TELESAR.  The TELESAR system utilizes a stereoscopic head mounted display and has haptic feedback in the arm controls, allowing the operator to perform dexterous manipulation tasks as if she was really in the robot’s environment.  In one example, the operator repeatedly picks up and moves an egg without breaking it.  The system can also double as a virtual reality set-up.  The TELESAR 2 was designed as more of a telepresence communication system and has human-like hands with 5 digits.  In light of robots like the Robonaut R2 going into space, it’s quite interesting to see such an early example of such a system.

Video (TELESAR) (Mirror):

Video (TELESAR 2) (Mirror):

Video (Haptic system):

Tachi Lab has a number of very interesting research projects on their website and you can watch videos of them at their YouTube channel.

[source: Tachi Lab (EN/JP)] & [Tachi Lab @ YouTube]

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