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PR2 Performs Midi Files

Ben Cohen, Daniel Benamy, and Mike Phillips at UPenn have got their PR2 performing a couple of songs via midi files as part of a contest.  Apparently it is doing so autonomously by interpreting the midi files as keys on the keyboard; kind of fun for a quick side project.  It made me think about the possibilities for home entertainment in the future when personal robots are commonplace.  Imagine having a humanoid sit down at the family piano and play a song with the same skill as a concert pianist?  Then there’s the potential to learn all kinds of skills through such a robot, and they could demonstrate the task in slow motion for beginners.  The Toyota Partner Robots are already pretty good at playing the drums, trumpet, trombone, french horn, tuba, and violin, so who knows what the future may bring?

Video (Mirror):

First there was Keyboard Cat, now there’s Keyboard Robot!

[source: PoJudd @ YouTube] via [I Heart Robotics]

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