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Tsutenkaku Robo Nearly Murders Child While Dancing

Ok, that headline may be a bit of an exaggeration but the following video highlights an important safety issue any time that robots are demonstrated in public while flailing their limbs about.  Luckily the kid shrugs it off or we might have a future John Connor on our hands.


Tsutenkaku Robo’s minders did not erect a barrier between the robot and any bystanders, as did Fujitsu when it tested ENON’s marketing capabilities earlier in the year.  The problem is that people, especially children, see a humanoid robot doing a funny dance and naturally assume the robot has some form of intelligence (enough, say, to not smack someone in the face).  In actuality, this robot won’t come to a stop until it’s routine is done, since it doesn’t have the necessary sensors to notice that something has moved within arm’s reach.  Either we need to make our robots smarter, or we need to keep inexperienced people far enough away from them.

[source: Mr. Tsutenkaku @ YouTube]

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