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PR2 Polishes The Knob (While Folding Socks), Gets Artsy

Our friends at Hizook have put together an exhaustive post featuring all of the PR2 Quick Start Contest entries, which includes stuff like autonomously sorting (and delivering) mail.  The winners of the top prize ($5,000 USD) are from UC Berkeley, who put together a sock-sorting routine to go with their towel-folding experiment.  That said, I’d be afraid to let it near my socks, lest they get all stretched out of shape (there’s nothing worse than a sock that won’t stay up!).

Video (Mirror):

Of all the videos, I think the one by Charles DuHadway, Benjamin Pitzer, and Adam Stambler (Bosch Research) is my personal favorite.  The PR2 draws a self portrait (based on human’s rendering).  What makes this one interesting is that, like Salvador DaBot, the PR2 doesn’t “print” out the image from top to bottom, but rather makes each stroke like a real person would.  Who wouldn’t want their household robot to be able to draw cartoons?

Video (Mirror):

[source: PR2 Quick Start] via [Hizook]

  • alex

    but for the drawing – plotters ( can do that since 1959
    It would be interesting to know what were the source data for it – a picture (bitmap) or vector graphic.