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KornTech is a robotics company in South Korea that has been developing humanoid robots since its establishment in 2006.   Their most famous robot is RoGun, which was developed in 2007.  It has served as mascots for SKT, one of the largest mobile telecom companies in Korea, and FarGlory (Taiwan).  It is an entertainment robot capable of walking, dancing, face tracking, grasping small objects (up to 1kg [2.2 lbs]), and remote monitoring. It has a 21cm (7″) LCD display in its chest which shows everything in its field of view.

It stands 92cm (3′) tall, weighs 7.8kg (17 lbs), and has a total of 26 degrees of freedom (neck x2, 2 arms x5, 2 hands x1, 2 legs x6).  Its main sensor is a CCD camera which it uses to shoot and record video, and to track faces and objects.  It also has simple gesture recognition.  Users can connect to the robot via mobile phone or PC to control it and watch live video from the robot’s point of view.  It has microphones for recording voice messages, and has limited voice recognition, but cannot respond using speech synthesis (it only plays recorded audio files).  Gyros, pressure sensors, and accelerometers help it maintain balance.

Originally designed as a household robot, RoGun’s $100,000 USD price tag virtually eliminated its prospects of attaining any sort of success.  The company rationale was that, with mass production, the price could come down to something in the neighborhood of $5,000 USD.  This seems unlikely given the present circumstances.  KornTech debuted a modified version of RoGun called PRo in 2009, which is designed to provide product information and hand out leaflets at corporate events.  As for household robots, KornTech is in the midst of developing a small biped (in line with popular hobby robot kits) and a quadrupedal dog robot.

[source: KornTech] via [Engadget]

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