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Takeshi Maeda’s Latest Robot Smacks You With A Smile

Takeshi Maeda, the creator of the OmniZero robots, has posted some photos and details on his website of his latest ROBO-ONE competitor. The comical robot (no name as of yet) features a hand painted head, but Maeda-san says he’s worried about the exterior’s 9.9kg (22 lb) weight so he may have to redo it with lighter materials. I don’t know if the lanterns will light up (perhaps with LEDs?) but they’ll add quite a bit of flair during matches when they swing around.  Interestingly, the robot features several IR distance sensors including some on its hands so that it can attack semi-autonomously when an opponent is within range. Some extra weight in the hands will add extra impact to its attacks, though balance may be a bit of an issue. There are also gyro sensors on both feet (the measurements are difficult to use), and timing belts on the legs (to actuate the knees).  As usual the construction looks fantastic and it’ll be fun to watch it in action!  A few more photos of the construction can be found at the source link below.

[source: Takeshi Maeda’s site (JP)]