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Myon Resurfaces In New “Making Of” Video

Myon, the one-eyed humanoid robot developed at Humboldt University’s Neurorobotics Research Laboratory and Cologne-based design studio Frackenpohl Poulheim, will make another public appearance soon.  Bayer Material Science will be showcasing the robot between October 27th ~ November 3rd at K 2010 (the International Trade Fair for Plastics & Rubber).  Bayer’s Makrolon polycarbonate is the principal material used in Myon’s exoskeleton, which gives it strength with a high quality finish.  You won’t have to wait til then to learn more about this new robot project, as Frackenpohl Poulheim’s portfolio now includes a “Making of Myon” video which sheds light on the project.

Some of the interesting details that have emerged include a development time of only 1 and a 1/2 years from start to completion of the robot.  The video provides some insight into the design process, and shows that a lot of thought went into creating the right look and proportions.  You can catch a glimpse of an alternate head design in one of the shots which has a face shield similar to many other robot designs.  As Dr. Manfred Hild says in the video, the best is yet to come, as they are now beginning to work with the robot as part of the ALEAR program.


[Frackenpohl Poulheim (DE)] & [source: Plastics News] via [TransBotica @ Twitter]

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