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ROBO-ONE 18th: OmniShibatan & More Compete

Andonoblog has posted some excellent videos to YouTube showcasing all the robot-on-robot action from ROBO-ONE 18th, including footage of Takeshi Maeda’s latest robot (OmniShibatan, in the center of Maeda-san’s photo above).  I guess this year there was a Matsuri (festival) theme, due to the unique technical challenge demonstrations.  I’ve picked out some of the highlights for you to enjoy.

Video (OmniShibatan) (Mirror):

Video (Humorous box “Robot” concedes defeat) (Mirror):

Video (Frosty Design’s robot back-flip) (Mirror):

Video (Kinopy plays the drum at 1m:27s) (Mirror):

Video (Tokotokomaru fan dance) (Mirror):

[source: Andonoblog @ YouTube]