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Centry Security Robot Has Its Eye On You

Dongbu Corporation, a real estate developer and community planner in South Korea, has developed a robotic security camera called Centry.   Unlike traditional surveillance cameras, this one not only records everything it sees, but tracks movement using infrared sensors and will issue verbal warnings when it registers activity.  A second warning is given while the robot simultaneously connects to the management center. Recently the product was entered into the GOOD DESIGN EXPO 2010 in the hopes of winning a coveted Good Design Award.

The “robot” was designed to look like a traditional Korean imp, with details like a small horn on the top of its round head.  Rather than making it look threatening, the designers wanted Centry to give a friendly impression and stand out as part of its crime prevention features.  It will be sold to buyers of Dongbu’s residential properties as an additional option for around $9,500 USD (ouch!).  I imagine that includes a lifetime subscription to their security services – at least, for that price I would hope so.

[source: Dongbu Corp.] via [GOOD DESIGN EXPO 2010] via [Pink Tentacle]

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