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3m (9′) “Runner Gundam” built out of Plastic Model Kit Garbage

A Japanese hobbyist who goes by Hirotyun has built a 3m (9′) tall Gundam statue out of plastic runners (those bindings that injection-molded model kit parts are attached to).  Normally runners are considered waste, but where the common man sees garbage, Hirotyun saw raw materials for an art project.

It took him 95 days, and more than 250 hours, to complete the Runner Gundam.  He was able to display it publicly at the C3 x Hobby 2010 event (which gathers 60,000 attendees) at the Makuhari Messe convention center this August.  The high ceilings there allowed the full statue to be built, which he wasn’t able to do in his own home.   Last year was Gundam’s 30th anniversary, and this year it was the 30th anniversary of plastic model kits, making this a fine tribute.  See this blog post for more photos of the completed robot.

Video (Mirror):

Public reaction to the impressive work has been universally positive.

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