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Videos: NAO Climbs Stairs, AIT-T7 Scores!

In the latest NAO Chat About video, we see the small humanoid robot localizing in a multi-leveled environment connected by stairs (although NAO appears to have some trouble negotiating the steps).  The research is being carried out at the Humanoid Robot Lab at Albert Ludwig University in Freiburg, Germany.

Video (Mirror):

[source: Aldebaran Robotics @ YouTube]

Students at the Aichi Institute of Technology have been developing bipedal robots that look like Tetsujin-28, in bigger and bigger sizes.  Their latest, the 140cm tall AIT-T7, can be seen kicking a soccer ball into the goal in the following video.  More videos can be seen at their YouTube channel.

Video (Mirror):

[source: AITT28 @ YouTube]