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PIRO Develops Roomba-like Robot To Clean Your Windows

I normally don’t report on household cleaning robots, but this one is sort of cool.  Researchers at the Pohang Institute of Intelligent Robotics (PIRO, South Korea) have unveiled a window-cleaning robot called Windoro that will be commercialized in the new year.  The robot, which had a budget of approximately 300M KRW ($260,000 USD), consists of two modules that hug together on opposite sides of a window using neodymium magnets.  The magnetic system is said to be safer and more reliable than other approaches, such as vacuum power.  The robot uses distance sensors, attitude adjustment, and obstacle detection while doing its little window waltz, employing detergent and a series of spinning pads to wash up as it goes.

Having lived in an apartment high rise, cleaning windows was definitely not fun – and often required  the removal of the window before it could be cleaned.  Windoro could save you the trouble, so long as the window in question is between 10mm ~ 25mm thick.  The plan is to sell the robot appliance internationally, such as through the German shopping channel.  However, the robot may meet its match in colder climates where thicker, double paned windows are preferred for added insulation.

Video (Mirror):

[source: PIRO (KR)] via [MBC News (KR)]